~My first pet…Gingerbread


When I was at primary school, most of my friends had pets. Some of them had hedgehogs, puppies, bunnies… you can name it all! Actually, My family bought a few gold fishes when I was nine. But I can tell, most of them hardly survive. As I know, a gold fish can live up to 5 to 10 years, and they can make it to 25 in the wild! But how on earth that they died after two weeks?! They either starved to death or made their stomach burst into broken pieces! We bought in another few but it all went the same. We got super frustrated so we stopped getting more.

One day I went to my friends house after school to see her new two kittens which she adopted. They were so precious! And cutely silly too, they were hiding at their ‘sweet spot’, as my friend said. As I remember, one is grey and one is black. They were only one years old, their kitten coat were still on. When I got back home I couldn’t stop thinking about them and wishing that I had one too!

My dad had a horrible kitten, this might be funny, but its actually real name is Meaw.

“Why wouldn’t you give it another name?” I asked him.

“I thought that was cute! And it ‘meaws’!” Dad said casually.

I nearly passed out after he said it, it was a hilarious explanation though.

My mother, the other way round, hates cats. Maybe she was not my dad, she wasn’t brought up in a family with pets.

“Cats are horrible! They will scratch our expensive furniture, and might bite us also and make us bleed! They may excrete everywhere too! Not cute at all!” She once told me.

From that point I had no hope that I can have a kitten. I tried to convince her since 2008 and begged her to have one. My dad did so too. Do you guys know how hard it is to get my mother’s permission? It was like trying to push a gigantic, unmovable rock off the cliff!

So, to succeed that, I took 2 years trying to get the best image as a good girl. I did all my school work before 10 p.m, help my mom to do some chores and spend my leisure time with her (she only likes reading books and watch the television, but I really need to do what she likes to get her attention) acting like I’m the best daughter in the world.

After 2 years of ‘hard work’ with my dad, finally, my wish is granted. So in 2010 Christmas, we went to SPCA to adopt my first ever Xmas kitten. Since my distant Aunt worked there, she contacted us and agreed to take us to the adoption centre.

Before the big day came, I was super excited and slept for 5 hours only! The next morning, under the cool weather with sunshine, butterflies and birds greeted us for our future new family member back then. I had never been this happy in my entire life!

Arriving there was like meeting my best friend, I was super, super excited!

There were over 20 cats waiting to be adopted. Maybe they were desperate to find a family, when I stand close to their cages, they would come close to my fingers and started purring.

I was playing with one of them when my dad called me over. I went beside my dad and kneeled down and looked inside the cage what my dad was looking at the whole entire time. Oh my goodness! That cat was humongous, and fat too! It was hiding in its litter also! My dad chuckled when he saw my expression. “It looks silly! And fat too!” I told my dad. “Isn’t it adorable?” He smiled at me. “It is more different than the other ones.” And he got up and told my Aunt to adopt it.

I was a bit unhappy, since we were expecting getting a kitten? Not a two year old cat? But, as dad said, kittens are more hard to handle. We have to potty train them, giving them milk / kitten food, much more complicated then adult cats.

Well, dad made his choice ! We adopted the 6 kg ‘Garfield’! But, it has an angel image though, I know he is going to be our little tiger. It is bigger than others, his body is larger than its head, larger than a poodle.

When we brought him back home, mom panicked and freaked out! She was also thinking that we will get a kitten, and she even complained the size of it made our house had no room left. She had to accept it though, its our cat anyways…

I named our cat Gingerbread since we got him on Christmas and his fur is ginger coloured. His personality is oddly charming, not until if you make him mad!

Gingerbread’s personality is oddly charming, he’s such a gentlemen, not until I make it mad by pulling its tail!

Obviously it was my dad’s idea to keep it, and I think Gingerbread knew, so that he treated dad better than anyone in the house… bummer.

To be honest, I used to don’t like my cat before because it seemed like it wasn’t my choice! But as long as I face it, I feel like that was meant to be for us to be together.

Gingerbread did actually brought our whole family together due to his charm and warmth. It’s now at my lovely home town at Hong Kong waiting for our family to reunite since we are now at Australia.🇦🇺

Shine on! ☀️🌼🍀